Annayong! Hola.. Hei! Darah melayu still mengalir erk!! At the first I want to ask you a question.Had you heard GD new song? The title is Crayon. I had heard if more than 20 times.. GD always make me happy. Hahaha...  Second! Had you watch the video clip? GD being silly.. Sometimes he make me laughing.. Want to see if? Just watch it at youtube

Now! can I share some pictures from the video clip with you all?

Can you all trust him? He look like silly boy or good boy?
But he still took cute like ME..  Hahaha..

How about this? What you all thinking?
He or She? Of course HE! Because He is GD!
How was he? 

Ni toilet ke rumah hantu? Ya Allah! X sanggup ak klau ad toilet mcm ni.. MENAKUTKAN!
Look at his tatoo.. "Forever you "
Forever for me? Hahaha.. <3 you too GD!

Are you thinking he reading? Of course NOT! 
One more! the sunglasses! OUT OF TREND
Hahaha!! Lia x hina GD tau.. You're still in my top 10

OK! rasaya dah habis kot!

안녕히 계세요 (Bye)

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