Love it !

Hi? Long time no see right? Hahaah. Today I want to tell you that my sister bought me a shirt from PDI . I love it very very much ! Kakak beli dua. One for me and one for her ! I love you big sis <3 Muahhh :* Shafiqah bought me a friendship bracles and a cute minion for me. Love you Shaf !!! And you know what ! I'm on KSK CLASS. Now, dah boleh bukak blog. WOW! Peraturan dah kurang ketat larh. But, twitter still tak boleh bukak. Hate it ! And doakanlah boleh bukak twitter. Gila kau ! Dah la masa KSK 1 jam setengah . Wheee.  Okeyy la tu.. BUBUY <3

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